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Build Your Own Sandwich Tray 

Assorted meats, buns, and cheese, lettuce, tomato, pickles, and condiments. Serves ten people.


Slider Party 

Cheddar burgers, pulled pork, and blackened chicken sliders served with condiments. Serves ten people.


District Pizza Party 

Pick your pies from our pizza menu. Served with bread sticks and salad. Serves ten people.


Taco Party  

Traditional tacos, hurrah! Serves ten people.


Pub Plater

Warm pretzels with jalapeno cheese sauce. Meat, cheese, and dip from local vendors. Serves ten people. 


Frittata Muffins

Choose from honey ham and cheddar, roasted veggies and ricotta, or smokey shrimp and manchego. Serves ten people.


Scones & Tea

seasonal variety of scones with soft cheese and jam. Serves ten people. 


Teatime Mini Sandwich Platter

A variety of chicken salad croissants, cucumber cream cheese on wheat, and whipped raspberry preserves and soft brie with honey ham on croissants. Serves ten people. 


Just Juice Bar 

Wake up just right! Locally produced and organic! Serves ten people. 


Mini Everything Bagel Platter 

Morey's smoked salmon lox, whipped avocado cream cheese, fresh baby dill and arugula, sliced English cucumber, lemon wedges, on toasted mini bagels (served room temp) with our secret "everything" seasoning. Serves ten people.


Yogurt Parfait Tartlets 

Greek yogurt, raspberry honey jam, seasonal berries, almond and granola crumble with a crisp buttery crust. Serves ten people.


Fruit Tray


Veggie Tray


18% service fee will be added. 

"Experiencing the bridal suite on my wedding day was a dream come true! It was the perfect way to start my big day."

- Margot H

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