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This property is a 150 year old former repair shop for the Northern Pacific Railroad. New life was breathed back into the Northern Pacific Center in February of 2019 when new ownership purchased the property from the Hutton family who thankfully maintained and invested in the property for over thirty years. The Northern Pacific Center is now home to the area's largest convention center, a pristine wedding destination, local businesses and endless potential for growth.

NP Headshots 23 1496.jpg


NP Headshots 23 1430.jpg

Mike Higgins

NP Headshots 23 1589.jpg

Derek Owen
Vice President of Business Development

NP Headshots 23 1700.jpg

Grace Eberhardt
Venue Manager

NP Headshots 23 1391.jpg

Justina Richter

NP Headshots 23 1655.jpg

Kailey LaValliere
Marketing Manager

NP Headshots 23 1611 copy.jpg

Tedi Russell
Event Specialist

NP Headshots 23 1726.jpg

Kati Trout
Venue Assistant

NP Headshots 23 1572.jpg

Casey Parker
Maintenance/ Production

NP Headshots 23 1533.jpg

Eli Owen
Production Specialist

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