Classic food, buffet style with divine details added to satisfy your taste buds. A variety of hors d'oeuvres, entrees and sides you can mix and match to fit your personality.

Starting at $22 per person.


One Appetizer 

One Entree Choice

Two Sides


Two Appetizers

One Entree Choice

Three Sides


Three Appetizers

Two Entree Choice

Three Sides


* per person fees indicated above

Appetizer Selection
Please select from the level 1 Appetizers HERE
Entree Selection

Quartered Roasted Chicken or 6oz. Boneless Chicken Breast

Choose from lemon herbed, simple salt and pepper, or banquet Chef Tim’s Super-Secret dry rub

Slow Cooked St. Louis Rib Racks

Choose from BBQ, chipotle BBQ, Kansas city dry rub, or naked with sauce on the side

Smokey Pit Ham

Choose from orange honey glazed, bacon lardon and bourbon glacé, or maple thyme glazed

Not Yo’ Mama's Meatloaf

Chipotle onion BBQ glacé

Smoked Seared Pork Loin

Choose from rustic garlic crusted, bell pepper agrodolce (traditional italian sweet and sour), or apricot BBQ

Beer Battered Cod

Choose from sweet relish ranch, classic tartar or baby dill remoulade

Back Lot Beer Brat

Includes buns, relish, stone ground mustard, ketchup, pickled and raw red onion, and spicy pickled peppers. May choose to substitute a ¼lb. all beef hot dog

Basic Batch Burger

Includes buns, lettuce, tomato, onion, bread and buttered pickles, mayo, ketchup, mustard, smokey bacon ranch. May choose to substitute for grilled charred chicken breast

Pork Belly Burnt End

Lone star BBQ , with traditional Austin heat spices

Side Selection

Bacon Braised Baby Potatoes - GF

Cheesy “Tin Foil” Tots - GF


Not Your Momma’s Green Beans - GF

The Wedge Salad - GFR

Root Vegetable and Red Cabbage Slaw - GF

Chipotle Honey or Coconut Sweet Potato Puree - GF

Potato Salad - GF

MN Wild Rice and Roasted Chicken Salad

Jojo’s - GFR

House Salt & Vinegar Chips

Fire Roasted Seasonal Vegetable Salad - GF

Garlic Masher Potato Puree - GF

Homemade Mac & Cheese - GFR

Texas Red Brisket Chili - GF

Bacon & Brown Sugar Baked Beans - GF

Five Cheese Stuffed Ravioli

Vegetarian Options 

Penne Primavera (GFR and DFR)
Classic Italian Pasta! Rustic Marinara. Caramelized and Fire Roasted Vegetables. Fresh Ground
Parmesan. Basil.

Beer Cheese Tortellini
Tri-Color, Three Cheese Tortellini. Local Brew spiked. Aged Cheddar Mornay. Crunchy Pretzel

Spinach Feta Alfredo
Smoked Portobello. Fire Roasted Red Peppers. Fettucine Noodles.

Caprese Ravioli
Four Cheese Stuffed Ravioli. Basil Pesto Alfredo. Cherry Tomatoes. Fresh Mozzarella.

MN Flannel Hash (GFR and DFR)
Cast Iron Seared Root Vegetables. Fresh Sage and Rosemary. Classic Béarnaise Sauce.

GF = Gluten Friendly - GFR = Gluten Free Requested - DFR = Dairy Free Requested

Clocktower Hospitality's Food and Beverage provider, 3 Cheers Hospitality, takes all necessary precautions to prepare meals for guests with food intolerances & allergies, but our kitchens are not exclusively allergen free and cross-contamination may occur. Please speak with your sales consultant about accommodating guest's individual dietary needs and requirements.