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Serving Up Sweets at Goody's Gourmet Treats

Candy shop

Walking into Goody’s Gourmet Treats, customers are immediately greeted with the smell of fresh popcorn and waffle cones that are made in-house. The circus theme and old-school candy creates an instant nostalgic feeling for adults meanwhile, kids are filled with excitement as they look around at the multitude of candy options.

Goody’s is known for their unique popcorn flavors- they are always whipping up new flavors for customers to try. Whether you are looking for a classic popcorn flavor like white cheddar or you want to expand your popcorn horizons and try a crazy flavor like Orange Creamsicle, Goody’s offers it all.

Candy shop

They also serve up 24 different Cedar Crest ice cream flavors. With summer just kicking off the the temperatures rising, ice cream is everyone’s favorite way to cool down. Have your ice cream in a dish or ask for a homemade waffle cone.

What sweets shop would be complete without the candy? Goody’s carries a wide variety of candy such as Tootsies, Laffy Taffy, Bottle Caps, gummies, Pop Rocks, truffles, cotton candy, you name it-they have it.

Not only does Goody’s carry a wide variety of candies, chocolates, ice cream and popcorn, they also carry unique toys and games. Their inventory is constantly changing they are always bringing in new toys for kids to try. They also carry a wide variety of puzzles. Take a break from the water this summer and sit down with a puzzle. It’s the perfect family night activity.

Goody’s Gourmet Treats is located in the Clocktower building of the Northern Pacific Center. They are open Monday through Wednesday 10am-8pm, Thursday through Saturday 10am-9pm and Sunday 11am-6pm.

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