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Let's Get Trendy

Wedding trends come and go, and there are a few we hope never leave! From the early 2000s cupcake boom to 2014’s donut walls! There are many delicious treat trends that have caught our eye! We especially love seeing plated/served desserts rather than “dessert bars”. Making your guests feel catered to will always be a trend we hope never fades.

Ceremony and reception decor inspired by art, is one of our absolute favorites! Nowadays, couples are getting more creative than ever! From painted wood backdrops to hand picked floral designs. Hanging floral installs and custom backdrops will always have a special place in our hearts.

Vintage lounge seating is a cozy trend that adds so much detail to any event. Incorporating textures, and colors that play off of your color scheme and style adds such a personal touch and a huge statement with little effort. Our Foundry collection is located on site and has a variety of curated pieces you can choose from. Ask us for the link to view the full list of inventory.

There are so many inspiring ways that couples choose to tell their love story. We can’t wait to see the new trends coming, but also can’t wait to see a few trends go (burlap and sequins)! Everyone has their own style and personality and it’s so important to pick pieces that reflect this.


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