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First Look

Will you have a first look? We are seeing more and more first looks nowadays! There are many benefits to having a first look with your fiance!

We find that first looks are such a romantic part of the big day! It’s great to shake out those wedding day nerves before your walk down the aisle. Our campus has multiple private outdoor and indoor nooks that create an intimate setting just for the two of you!

Also, first looks allow for a smoother day of timeline. You’re then able to capture more group photos. Not to mention all the added photos of you and your fiance! This leaves more time after your ceremony for you and your bridal party to attend social hour and mingle with guests if you’d like!

Wedding days can go by so quickly, and to have a breather moment is huge! We highly recommend taking a moment during your day to just soak in the experience! First looks can be a great moment during the day to check in with your fiance before the ceremony! We’ve seen couples exchange small gifts during first looks too!

Although first looks may not be the traditional route, we find they are very beneficial!

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