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This is the perfect option for your rehearsal event. Heavy appetizers passed and selections that are sure to fill your guests up, no dinner required. This is certainly a social option and the perfect complement when moving around an socializing with guests. Servers will walk around offering appetizers served on small plates or napkins. Pick and choose from an expansive list of options. Starting at $30 per person.

*Please note that each choice you make matches your guest count. Exception is level 1 which counts as double per choice*

ex: 70 guest. Choose 1 Level 1 Egg Roll = 210 Egg Rolls, Choose 1 Crab Cakes from Level 3 = 70 Crab Cakes

Choose 3 from level 1

2 from level 2

1 from level 3 or

1 from level 4


Choose 4 from level 1

2 from level 2

2 from level 3 or

1 from level 4




Level 1

Chicken Egg Rolls 

Gochujang aioli and cilantro

Code Red Buffalo Cauliflower Fritters 

Creamy house bleu cheese


Choose from: beer bbq, chipotle, honey bbq, mushroom marsala, marinara, swedish

Pork Potstickers

Orange marmalade, soy, cilantro, lime

St. Mathias Farm Pickles - GF

Locally sourced, quick pickled cucumbers, secret seasoning and spicy harissa sauce

Tenderloin Bites - GF

Chipotle cranberry glacé, candied bacon aioli, crisp apple, fennel greens, bleu cheese on skewers

Cheese Curds 

Pretzel beer breaded cheese curds with spicy honey mustard

Chicken Satay 

Pan seared and skewered chicken breast

Choose from: jamaican jerk with pineapple coulis, thai sesame with peanut butter chili oil (GF), tandoori with cucumber dill yogurt (GF)

Creole Crab Deviled Eggs - GF

Cajun seasoned crab

Elote Corn Fritters

Bite sized mexican street corn fritters. Served with smoky chipotle ranch







Level 2


Charred Brussel Sprout + Ricotta - GFR

Toasted pine nuts, sherry poached golden raisins, reduced balsamic, toasted truffle ciabatta

Buffalo Chicken Wontons 

Creamy buffalo dip packed into a mini wonton cup, bleu cheese crumble, and scallions

Grilled Cheese Comfort 

Smoked tomato coulis, basil leaves, melty soft havarti and ricotta, on toasted sourdough

Mini BLT’S - GFR

Local, seasonal tomatoes, local hydroponic romaine, crispy bacon, kewpie, on toasted ciabatta

*GFR additional charges apply 

Mini Phyllo Tarts

Crispy flakey crust 

Choose From: mexican sweet corn succotash, wild mushroom ragu

Red Beet Purple Haze - GFR

Creamy lavender infused goat cheese, slow roasted beets, sea salt, local honey, pea sprout, on toasted ciabatta

*GFR additional charges apply

Roasted Butternut Squash Bisque Soup Shooters - GF

Local, seasonal soup - only available in the fall

The Perfect Bruschetta Bite - GFR

Basil pesto, smoked soft mozzarella, seasonal tomato, caramelized onion, reduced balsamic, on toasted ciabatta

*GFR additional charges apply

Caprese Skewers - GF

Cold, smoked, soft mozzarella, cherry tomatoes, fresh basil, reduced balsamic

Crispy Coconut Shrimp 

Large prawn, pineapple coulis

Cucumber Cups 

smoked salmon salad

French Onion - GFR

Brandy caramelized onion, jarlsberg cheese, beef bone broth and fennel soubise, on a toasted french baguette

*GFR additional charges apply

Rare Ahi Tuna Brochettes 

Poke marinated ahi tuna, crisp cucumber, blueberry, wasabi aioli, and toasted sesame seeds, on skewers

Sidewinder Pork Belly Skewer - GFR

Ribboned crisp cucumber, porter and soy caramel, pork belly burnt ends on skewers

Smoked Trout Hand Salad - GF

Belgian endive spears, quick pickled red onion, herbed soft cheese, baby dill







Level 3

Icelandic Smoked Salmon - GFR

In-House smoked wild caught alaskan salmon, bacon and chive aioli, mustard microgreens on toasted marble rye 

*GFR additional charges apply

Large Shrimp “Cocktail” Shooters - GF

Bloody Mary cocktail sauce and seasonal vegetables

Steak + Potato Bites - GF

Smoke seared tenderloin, seasoned fingerling potatoes, extra yolky hollandaise aioli, and garden chives

Stretched Shrimp Tempura 

Crisp, lightly battered prawns, sambal aioli, and cilantro

Chicken + Waffle Bites 

Mini belgian waffle, crispy chicken fritter, bourbon honey butter, scallion, on a skewer 

Duck Confit + Burrata - GFR

Slow roasted duck leg, hand pulled, garden chives, creamy béarnaise drizzle, dried cherries on toasted focaccia 

*GFR additional charges apply

Mini Crab Cakes 

Hand made and seared, garden chives, and sriracha lime aioli





Level 4 | Platters


The Heirloom Bruschetta 

2 toasts per person

Spicy sun-dried tomato jam, basil pesto, olive oil, smoked tomato coulis, roasted red bell peppers, caramelized onions, roasted garlic cloves, marinated portobello, mushroom, fresh smoked mozzarella, and shaved parmesan

Gluten free bread is available upon request

Crudité Platter - GF

Seasonal vegetables including carrots, zucchini, scallions, tomatoes, broccoli and cauliflower, served with buttermilk ranch


Chef’s Charcuterie Board

Crunchy pretzels and crackers, a variety of cured meats including salami and prosciutto, honeycomb, IPA spiked stone ground mustard, quick pickled red onion, bread and butter pickles, provolone, swiss, white cheddar, pepper jack



Crispy bone-in chicken wings, choose your sauce: thai ginger, code red buffalo sauce, apricot bbq, traditional bbq, teriyaki, or naked. Served with celery, ranch and blue cheese


The Drunken Hummus Board - GFR

In house roasted garlic hummus, bloody mary reduction, hand crumbled feta, crispy or soft pita, a variety of seasonal vegetables, and tri-color tortilla chips


Warm Artichoke Dip

Pepper chili, tri-cheese blend, blanched spinach, garlic toasted crostini


The Ultimate Seafood Platter - GFR

Large shrimp cocktail, smoked salmon lox with citrus dill crème fraiche, lobster salad with garlic toasted crostini, bay scallop ceviche with tortilla chips


Seasonal Fruit Platter - GF

Chef curated variety of melons, berries, pineapple and other seasonal fruit

GF = Gluten Friendly - GFR = Gluten Free upon request

Clocktower Hospitality's Food and Beverage provider, 3 Cheers Hospitality, takes all necessary precautions to prepare meals for guests with food intolerances & allergies, but our kitchens are not exclusively allergen free and cross-contamination may occur. Please speak with your sales consultant about accommodating guest's individual dietary needs and requirements. 

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